2.7.19 | Essentially Pop Review 

UK music blog Essentially Pop has written a glowing review of "Real Good Fight".

"The song hits hard for those who see themselves stuck in a rut and not feeling truly happy with where they are in life. With its highly relatable yet inspirational lyrics, O’Connor describes perfectly what it feels like to not feel satisfied with the path that you’re on and changing direction to something that makes you happy.".

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18.6.19 | Gig at Drop Dead Twice 

Robert's next gig with his live band will be at Dublin venue The Taproom at Drop Dead Twice on Tuesday June 25 from 9pm.

The band will play a 30 minute set including new single "Real Good Fight" plus previous singles "No Second Chances" and "You Found Me".

18.6.19 | Dublin South FM interview & performance 

Robert and his guitarist Gavin visited Dublin South FM for an interview with Keith McLoughlin about new single "Real Good Fight".

They also gave a live acoustic performance of the single, plus a version of Madonna's "Don't Tell Me", which Robert said sonically inspired his latest work.

Listen back to a podcast of the show on Mixcloud

4.6.19 | Gig at Crowbar  

Robert will play with his live band at Crowbar in Dublin this Wednesday night from 8:30pm.

The band will perform new single "Real Good Fight" for the first time, plus "You Found Me", "No Second Chances", and some special surprises!


31.5.19 | Pop, Rinse, Repeat Review 

"Real Good Fight" has received a glowing review from music blog Pop, Rinse, Repeat.

"You can hear that he does this because there's no where else he'd want to be and nothing better that he'd rather be doing. He's not doing it because it's going to bring him fame and fortune, he does it because it's part of who he is. I wasn't familiar with Robert before this video but I've stepped back through his other works and it's just honest songwriting and the world needs a whole lot more of that".

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17.5.19 | The Songwriter Club Interview 

Robert will be a guest on The Songwriter Club today from 2pm on Together FM chatting with Klara McDonnell about the production process of his new single "Real Good Fight", his new live band, plus his thoughts on social media's role in the life of an independent artist.

Check out a clip from the show below, and listen to the full interview on the Together FM website.